Patient Research Forum

Oct 6th, 2023 (Fri)

Regular Meeting

Here at the merseyside regional head and neck cancer centre we have an international reputation for our patient care and also our research activities. We currently have a number of studies on-going within the unit and have set up a Patient & Carer Research Forum.

The group meets on the first friday in February, June and October.

Meetings take place in the Clinical Science Building, University Hospital Aintree from 9:30am - 12 noon.

The group is comprised of both patients and carers, and we are always looking to increase membership. For anyone interested, please feel free to attend the meeting or contact the chairman Mr D Macareavy.

Role of the Patient Research Forum (PRF)

The role of the Patient Research Forum is:

  • To provide advice on research proposals from a patient/carer perspective
  • To act as patient/carer representative to help ensure consideration is given to their views/interests
  • To help ensure that research is patient/carer focussed
  • To provide suggested direction for future research
  • Admin support or other ways to actually get involved and help the research happen